Bhaagamathie Movie Review Retrospect


We all know that the horror films are the trend in this season. Thanks to the director Ashok who rendered it in a thriller way and not using the cliche comedy way. K.E Gnanavel Raja and UV creation joined with Ashok(Director) Madhi(Cinematographer) Venkateshwarar rao( Editor) and other cast and crew have come together to give a Telugu- Tamil bilingual.

The story line revolves around a CBI officer who investigates about the minister to an IAS officer who is shifted to a haunted building for security purpose. Is the building really haunted? Is the Minister working for the goodness of people? What is the reasons for the IAS officer being behind the bars? The answers to be find out only when you watch the whole film. The story was not obvious and people who tend to believe something are to change their opinion back and forth throughout the film. Every horror films tend to lose the aspect of logic but the director’s effort in logical explanation was visible.

Anushka after a massive hit of Bahubali doesn’t fail to entertain the people in her own skills of acting. She played different dimensions of the character and it was very interesting to see Anushka in a subtle and also in a expressive way. Cinematographer Madhi has used his skills in a way that people does experience the darkness. One must completely appreciate the use of lights in this film. Jayaram has a strong role in the film which is very much appreciated. Asha sharath who played the police officer in Papanasam has given her contribution in a respectable wah.
The director clearly has a reason for every shot and dialogue in this film. The reasons behind will be known to you once you end up to the climax. Each character in the film had a story and was used in the film peopey.

Sounds and music have merged well together that the audience jump up their scenes for few horror scenes . Kudos to Music director Thaman for rendering a nerve-racking background score. Though the film is more of thriller than horror , the film has very little cliché scenes.

The one major work which makes people go into the film is the art designing. The Art director Ravinder has done a fabulous job in replicating the antique feel in the sets. Since it is a bilingual film, there were many scenes where the dubbing was pretty obvious.

Though we have watched films similar to certain plots of the film, the film gets the name for its story and the brilliant performance of Anushka which gets the audience connected

Bhaagamathie Movie Review Retrospect


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