Irumbu Thirai Movie Review Retrospect

Irumbu Thirai Movie Review Retrospect

An Army Major for his sisters wedding gets a loan of 6 lakhs from a bank but it gets looted through the net . Suspecting this he starts to investigate and gets through a major network of hackers !! What happens next forms the crux of the film .

Vishal as usual a very impresive performance as it was a tailormade role for him !! The action sequences were very easily demonstrated by him and it was a neat job by him .

Arjun , as the antagonist gives a towering performance and he steals the show . He is much more powerful than the hero and it was a much different character sketch which was very perfectly executed by the antagonist lead .

Samantha charms her way as usual and she has done a very neat performance . After a long time she got herself a pretty big tole to play in this film .

The BGM and songs by Yuvan was very apt for the film . The music was really good at some points and it as usual elevated a ordinary scene into an extraordinary one .

The screenplay was really racy and not even at a single point it did slow down . It emerged ad a big positive to the movie .

The first half took a very long long time to establish into the core subject . That was a big negative to the film .

There were many characters in the film that went out and in but only 4 – 5 characters were having the depth with the intensity of the subject .

Timesofcinema verdict :- A very bold message which was thought provoking with all the masala elements that was much needed to reach the audiences . But the length of the movie stays a concern . Mobiles will surely scare you after the film ends .

TimesofCinema Rating :- 3 / 5


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