Kaala Movie Review Retrospect

Kaala Movie Review Retrospect

Kaala is a tamil Action Drama film written and directed by Pa Ranjith and stars Rajinikanth , Eshwari Rao , Nana Patekar and Huma Qureshi in the lead roles and Arundathi , Sakshi Agarwal , Anjali patil , Samudrakani in the supporting roles . Has kaala given the audiendes what it had promised to deliver . Let us take a look at our review to find out more !!

A raging don from Thirunalveli , settles down in Mumbai Dharavi slum . He is Hailed as the “ King of Dharavi “ and he is the leader of the pack . Hari Dada a ruthless politician aims for the land in which these people live , from there on the movie takes a struggle for land and protests !! What happens next forms the crux of the story .

Rajini hold on to the charisma like never and in certain scenes gives out a power packed performance . His style as usual and in some scenes his award winning performances with his minor expressions lets this to be one of his best performances .

Huma Qureshi plays Zareena and he has given her best performances and she has scored alongside with rajini and had given the same level of performance parallel to him .

The pre interval block and interval block gets captures the audiences as stunning scenes after scenes are placed . This makes it one of Rajini’s best and the fans just loved it .

SaNa’s music has turned out to be the best for Ranjith we guess . He has given better songs than Kabali and the BGM score is at his best .

Secial mention to Eshwari Rao who played Kaala’s wife , and Anjali Patil as Puyal , kaala’s son’s Girlfriend . They gave best of their performances .

Nana pathekar adds on to one of the competitive villain to The superstar . This is one of the best performances of Nana and he has absolutely nailed it .

The runtime is a bit of a concern for the flow of the movie . The movie goes on and on and on and at a certain point the movie tests our patience as the movie is bit too long .

The edit cuts at some portions are crazily rapid but some are a bit slow and not telated to the movie . The whole movie slows down in these parts which is a bit of dissapointment .

Comedy at the hands of Ranjith’s writing always tends to work out big time with the other movies with the audiences . But this movie does not promise that as the comedy scenes fall down flat and not to the point . Even though the comedy is situational , it does not seem to be enjoyable .

The cinematography bled multi colours and no one would say that it was a darkly set subject ! Great work by the cinematographer !!

The dialogues as always Ranjith has nailed it . Each dialogues that he has written vented out politics and each dialogue were rebellious . Hats off to this wonderful director for giving something meaningful in each and every film of his .

Everyone would have believed that this was the true Dharavi slim . The sets perfectly impersonated the Dharavi slum and great work has gone into the set work and great effort by the whole team for that .

TimesofCinema Verdict :- Pa Ranjith’s writing shows us that he is indeed on of the very classy directors in tamil cinema and this movie works out much more that his latter film , Kabali . As always Rajini steals the show .

TimesofCinema Rating :- 3.5/5

Kaala Movie Review Retrospect


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