Nadigaiyar Thilagam Movie Review Retrospect

Nadigaiyar Thilagam Movie Review Retrospect

A reporter vani and photographer Victor dig into the story of “Nadigaiyar thilagam” Savitri . They start it casually but her story creates a big revolution around their lives as it stays inspirational to them . Then the flashback portions tell us about the lifeline of Savitri forms the rest of the movie .

Keerthy suresh playing the role of Savitri and we would say that she has lived the role rather than acting in it . He acting in every single scene was spontanious and natural and every single frame . This will be her lifetime performance .

Dulquer Salman potrayed the character of Gemini Ganeshan . He was really good at it and there would have been no one better at playing . His experience with many other movie has helped him big time.

Samantha played the journalist and she has done it at her best .

Vijay devarkonda played a photographer alongside with Samantha and he had played it very well . He has as usual charmed the audiences with handsome look and good looking expressions .

The setwork of the whole movie looked very realistic to the timeline of the film . The setwork looked grand and it was a extragavant and a wonderful feast for our eyes .

The BGM and music by Mickey J Mayer was very perfect and it was very pleasant to hear to . The story was gelled with the music which appeared to be a major positive .

The tamil dialogues by Karky was wonderful and apt to the film and not in a single place it felt like a tamil dubbed film .

There was nothing much negative about the film but the length of the film remains a concern as the length of the film is too long .

Timesofcinema Verdict :- The film has many high points and it follows on through the whole film . It was such a wonderful feeling to look at such a great film . The climax of the film brings tears in almost everyones eyes .

TimesofcinemaRating :- 4.5 / 5


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