Oru Kuppai Kadhai Movie Review Retrospect

Oru Kuppai Kadhai Movie Review Retrospect

Oru kuppai kadhai is a 2018 drama film written and directed by kaali Rangasamy has Master Dinesh , Manisha yadav in the lead and yogi babu in a supporting role . The movie’s sneek peak was a instant hit and there were a lot of expectations around this film . Has this been satisfied by the director ? Lets take a look at this review .

Basic story :-
A garbage collector who is a fine gentleman does not get himself a bride . After many such problems he gets a bride claiming himself of being a clerk . After 3 months she somehow gets to find out the real identity and stops speaking with him . They move to a apartment and there she moves closely to a software consultant . Things change drastically awkward as complications occur in all their life . This forms the crux of the story .

The movie handled alot of nativity to it . It was much easy for the audiences to cope up with what was happening very easily . According to where they come from their mannerisms and languages changed which was a huge positive to the film .

The next big positive is Manisha Yadav. These kind of roles are tailormade for her and she is not hesitant to take up these controversial role . She had done a pretty good job compared to others in the film .

Some of the casts in the film acted their best and tried to be relatable with the film . Yogi babu again struck the chords with his oneliners and quick wits but does not travel for a long time with the film .

The story had a weak storywriting as the scenes lacked depth i it . There were many emotional scenes in the movie but nothing created an impact with the audiences. The screenplay was also not upto the mark .

Casting wise it felt like some characters were really forced into acting . They lacked emotion , their dialogues were not that good and the dubbing was even worse . These characters more often irritated us more in the screens .

Dinesh master did better as a dance master . That is all i can say to his performance in this film . Some better could have been made to the films lead .

Predictable story , not convincing climax , some non fitting irritating characters , dull casting and mediocre writing makes this story a real dull affair and this story with a better of everything could havemadethat kind of an impact .

TimesofCinema Verdict :- few good performances and the nativity attached to the story saves this package as a whole and nothing that great about this film .

TimesofCinema Rating :- 2/5


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