96 Movie Teaser Review Reflection


As per the previous announcement , the official teaser of the film 96 starring Vijay Sethupathy and Trisha in the lead role is out now. The film is directed by Prem Kumar , the cinematographer of Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanom. The teaser looks really impressive with a no dialogues but just a pleseant music composed by Govind Vasantha. Vijay Sethupathy is a travel photographer as shown in the first few shots of the teaser where he is seen wandering around forest with his camera. Trisha gets in here elegantly and beautifully carries herself throughout the teaser. The teaser hints us about the screen space and performance weightage of Trisha which seems equivalent to Vijay Sethupathy.

Given that we are already aware about the reason for title being 96 which describes the year 1996 , Vijay Sethupathy and Trisha belong to same batch of 1996 and may be destiny unites them after a huge gap. The team has also revealed that both the leads occur in three different ages as the course of the film. The life of Vijay Sethupathy at the age of 16 , 36 and 96 will be portrayed in the film.

As the teaser gets going , a soothing melody “Kadhale Kadhale” starts to sync straight to our hearts and manages to hypnotize till the end. This breezy tune is complimented by the romantic gestures and blushing moments shared by Trisha and Vijay Sethupathy that makes us fall in love with the couple in the first place.

The cinematography in the teaser is worth a mention. The visuals look stunning in various places and DOP N.Shunmuga Sundaram promises us visual treat is awaiting us to witness it in the big screen. It would be an understatement to address the screen presence and performance of Vijay Sethupathy to be outstanding. Trisha gives a big tough to our makkal selvan and makes it difficult for the fans to decide whom to admire when both of them share the screen. The expressions delivered through eyes towards the last few seconds in the teaser will be sufficient to judge the intensity of their acting throughout the movie.

On the whole , expectation of a quality product from the talented team is sky high after watching the teaser.

96 Movie Teaser Review Reflection


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