Decoding The Human Symbol In #AlaudhininArputhaCamera Pilot Teaser


The human symbol that appears both in the title and in the pilot teaser of Alaudhinin Arputha Camera that released today instills various questions in our mind. What would have been the reason for placing it both in the title and in the center of the camera , how does it relate to the theme and plot of the movie , how important is it for the film’s main plot will be answered only after the film gets released . But lets go a bit into what does the human symbol depict to ease our understanding about the genre / basic theme of the film.

Vitruvian Man is the name of the human symbol that we see in the teaser of Naveen’s Alaudhinin Arputha Camera. Leonardo da Vinci is the creator of the symbol which relates to The Proportions of Human Body. The image resembles “a man in two superimposed positions with his arms and legs apart and inscribed in a circle and square”. It is also said that this symbol is a correlation of mathematics and art towards understanding the concept of proportions. According to few reports , this image tries to relate a man to nature.

Given that director has used this reference in his pilot teaser and in the title , there are high chances of this film genre being a fantasy , a human evolution , tracing back to the times of Roman’s and Italian’s , it could be a character from the film takes his journey towards finding a lost object or connecting ancient theories with current happenings. Further more , the symbol may have no relevance also and could have been placed for the sake of it.

On this note , Naveen is all set to venture into a adventure which is evidently clear from the teaser. Lets stay tuned for more updates and the expectations are high to look up to how the end product comes out.

Decoding The Human Symbol In #AlaudhininArputhaCamera Pilot Teaser


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