Goli Soda2 Movie Review Retrospect

Goli Soda2

With a simple plot that revolves around identity and three boys , goli soda was a decent hit among the viewers. Cinematographer turned director Vijay Milton in his sequel goli soda 2 , delivers a content that is more or else similar in idea and tone compared to the previous part.

In this movie , three youngsters deal with varied issues in their personal life and struggle to cope up with society. Even though they aren’t related to each other in any way , towards the intermission they get to meet each like in many other clichéd tamil movies interval block. Samuthrakani who has played the role of ex cop , is the linking factor for the three leads. As an icing on the cake , Gautham Vasudev Menon has done a cameo as police officer.

The major content of this hyperlinked subject turns out to be stunt and romance , wherein in few places romantic sequences did create a light aura amidst the struggling leads but in few places failed to justify the screenplay with improper placement of songs. The screen presence and usage of star cast like Rohini , Samuthrakani , Gautham Menon has helped in the presentation of few scenes along with some hard hitting dialogues about underdogs and underprivileged.

All the three leads have equal romantic portion but the stress and importance given to romantic portion was comparatively less when compared to other aspect of the movie which is the reason why it has failed to create an impact among the audience. The director along with editor has delivered a conflict oriented script with three different parallel stories in the first half without any lag , which deserves to be appreciated.

Acting and performance wise the lead actors was good but not up to the mark since a film like goli soda deserves something stronger . This drawback may be due to the talented supporting actors casting over played the fresh lead faces.

Gripping screenplay , decent acting from the cast romantic tracks and bgm’s at few places make the first half look impressive when compared to second half that gives a feeling of a really different film with too much of stunts and fails to engross the audience. Cuts in this film was undoubtedly a plus , but for it the blend between first half and second half would have fallen flat and unconnected.

TalksOfCinema Verdict : A decent one time watchable commercial movie with a right blend of mass , entertainment and emotion. But when considering first part , Golisoda 2 failed to impress as well as create an impact in the end like in the previous part.

TalksOfCinema Rating : 2.5 / 5

Goli Soda2 Movie Review Retrospect


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