“I am Not a Brahmachari ” Simbu Opens Up


Our VTV hero who is know for all the controversy that surrounds him whatever he does is currently busy shooting for Chekka Chivantha Vaanam directed by Mani Ratnam. While talking to a youtube channel called Valai Pechu , our little superstar clarifies on various aspect like his take on cinema like , political journey , divinity , real success , his industry friends and competitors and much more.
The latest talks and allegations on Simbu was related to his irregularity and punctuality to the shooting spot. When asked about the recent change within him and his on time arrival to the spot in Chekka Chivantha Vaanam , Simbu says that It feel so wrong to repeat the same statement again and again.But according to him whatever the time I reach the spot , I finish all my accomplishments of the day without any due. He also clarifies that this change within himself is not because of the lengendary director.

Simbu has also confessed that he doesn’t regret for speaking up his mind and he will continue to do so whatever comes up. He says that people are not understanding that in sometime ahead no one’s life is going to be private and he also labels himself to be technically ahead in terms of technology compared to others. I have always been straightforward since my childhood. With the scenarios changing around us there is no use of hiding our real faces and being fake. When people try to understand this trait , it will definitely be a plus for them.

He was questioned about this political stunt like talking about Cauvery issue , meeting the activist Piyush Manush , talking about the importance of child education. Do his takes on such sensitive issues have anything to do with entering politics. For which Simbu replies with a chuckle saying , Shouldn’t there be any idea? . Following which he talks about the poor people’s mentality that deals with restriction poor people put to themselves whereas rich people do not restrict themselves for conquering things furthers. Only people who fear loses at the end. And he also emphasizes that no one should live within boundaries. People perceive things in their own way whatever we speak. “ He adds I do not talk for vote , I talk for the welfare of the people.

Addressing the people’s thought on what is the big deal with a glass of water , Simbu says that the mind set of giving a glass of water will one day make them share Cauvery water someday. While talking about this he quotes and brings in Vivekanadan , Jesus , Budhar . This makes us understand his journey towards divinity. He confesses that “I am not a Brahmachari”. In this regard , he states that target (divinity) matters not the path we choose to reach. Talking about what is real success , Simbu mentions that knowing who we are , our origin and our purpose of life is itself a success rather than having lots of money , car and acting in hit movies.

Talking about his bond with music directors in the industry and why he doesn’t prefer to compose for his movies despite becoming a music director , he says that everyone is my friend and I do music only for happiness. Mentioning his controversy with music director Anirudh , he says how much he respects friendship. I have faced so much in my life and but for Anirudh , I dint want him to suffer because of me. In that beep song controversy I was always by his side and supported him throughout.

Quoting about his controversy with Dhanush , Simbu rejects it upright. The main reason for such a portrayal of rivalry between us was that we don’t talk much in person. Once we both opened up to each other things were all sorted. The on screen competition should be taken sportively and in a healthy way adds little superstar.
Given that Simbu has a huge respect for AR Rahman , he continues about his bond with Oscar nayagan. Simbu has recorded a song for AR Rahman for Kadhal Virus and he adds that I was overwhelmed to see him succeed hence I received him in the airport while he won Oscar.

When comparing his success with his dather T Rajendar’s achievements , he clarifies that everyone has time till the end of our lives. However , there is not necessity to beat my father in any aspect and at the end of the day he is my father beyond everything.
The Interview ends with his opinion about the current political scenarios that is filled with each person’s perspective , where he says whatever we do will be judged by someone. His support for Rajini is always available as a fan but as a political supporter he is still not clear on what stand to take up.

“I am Not a Brahmachari ” Simbu Opens Up


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