“I Want To Apologize To Mamooty” Says Karu Pazhaniappan


Among the various guest and stars who attended the audio launch of Peranbu , Karu Pazhaniyappan is also one of the guest cum speaker of this event. Initially he apologizes to Mamooty for making him sit and watch all these people celebrating him. He also gives a justification for doing that for which he says we do not get a chance like this to celebrate actors in tamil.
Karu Pazhaniyappan , begins his speech by replying to Sidharth’s statement on directors turning into actors. He replies by saying , “If all the actors act like Mamooty , why do we directors come to act?”. He also expresses that it is worth all these celebration if a star like Mamooty accepts to act after hearing the story”. Pazhaniyappan compares the film Peranbu with a football match where the producer of the film Thenappan is the coach , Ram’s previous movies are warm ups and finally this Peranbu is the winning goal.

Generally , in all other film’s audio launch neither the audience nor the guest would have watched the movie but there will be a common statement like we will meet in the success function of the film. But according to me this function itself is a success celebration .

He appreciates Yuvan for the songs and confessed that he is waiting for the film’s soundtrack. He adds that its is a bane to be born as a son of celebrity because of frequent comparisons. But in this film Yuvan as proved himself and his work is on par with his father. This film is not an identity of depression rather an identity of celebration. Also this film gives a lots of confidence/hopes to mankind.

The belief Mamooty had on the film is the reason behind the belief all the technicians had on Ram.He concludes the speech by saying we need a lots of actors like Mamooty and lots of directors like Ram , before that Ram needs a lot of money (sarcastic)

“I Want To Apologize To Mamooty” Says Karu Pazhaniappan


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