“Ivangale Nadichu Saavadikuranga” Sidharth During Peranbu Audio Launch.


Actor Sidharth , who is known as heartthrob for many girls from his movie boys till his latest film Aval also attended the audio launch event of Peranbu movie directed by Ram. In his speech , he spoke about working with Ram , Yuvan’s music , world class work from Theni Eswar and many more.

He mentioned about how the current situation has become difficult for actors to get chance for directors turning into actors. He also emphasized that directors to stay in the direction field alone and not come for acting. With all other guests who spoke about Ram’s courage , Sidharth spoke contrary to those statements mentionning about Balu Mahendra who is the epitome of courage and his legacy that has produced various legends like director Bala , Vetrimaaran , Ram. And it is because of Balu Mahendra , Ram got the courage , Sidharth adds.

Talking about the absence of Na. Muthukumar , Sidharth says that he has witnessed the difficulty Ram faced without Na.Muthukumar for songs. He also wishes Ram for “trying” to fill the vaccum created by Na.Muthukumar and he adds , “This film will be a tribute to Muthukumar , you have given a film without Muthukumar which is difficult by filling the vaccum he created and keep trying to fill it for the rest of your life”

Sidharth also appreciated Mrs. Sumathi , wife of Ram who has turned into a lyric writer for Peranbu. He acknowlwdged Yuvan , by mentionning he watched Peranbu twice for Yuvan. Given that Ram and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s combination doubles the expectation for Peranbu and they have met all our expectations. Alongside , he adds ,”Yuvan’s score is a huge highlight for the film”. About Yuvan , Sidharth strongly believes that there is nothing called as ‘comeback” for Yuvan for he is a permanent force of tamil cinema.
Talking about the cinematography by Theni Eswar , his excellence in visual poetry is unbelievable. He also stats that this film will get Eswar all the recognition from not just Indian cinema but also world cinema.

Finally appreciating the performance of each and every artist from Sadhana to Anjali in this film , Sidharth talks about Mamooty. The central rock of this film Mamooty made me watch this film again and again. A common question that will haunt all of us is how come an actor like Mammooty did this film for him being one of the huge star. Being a mega star doing such films is defiently inspiring and it gives big hopes for all of us. Atleast after this directors should stop acting in films.
On a lighter note , Sidharth accuses director Ram for conducting this event on the day of World Cup Finals.

“Ivangale Nadichu Saavadikuranga” Sidharth During Peranbu Audio Launch.


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