Jarugandi Movie Trailer Review Reflection


The A.N. Pitchumani directorial produced by the actor turned producer Nithin Sathya has released their official trailer that looks gripping. The movie starring Jai and Reba Monica John in the lead roles also has Robo Shankar , Bose , Daniel Annie Pope , Ilavarasu and Jayakumar in the supporting roles.

The presentation and the look of the trailer gives us an heads up about the theme and baseline of the movie. The trailer starts with a dialogue where Jai is said to start a cab agency but he’s pushed to various procedures and here a dialogue appears that pin points how these banks provide huge lumpsum to con men and send off them happily. This situation causes Jai to take up illegal path.

From here the trailer moves really fast , revealing the villain , female lead and other cast. The overall setup looks like a bunch of people are caught on the course of an illegal identity forgery and how they run away from all the obstacles that approach them. The place where Jai responds saying “I don’t know to stoop low or think hi-fi , but I know to think like a criminal” and “When we need something don’t we try to justify our mistakes?’ confirms that they are forced to get into some wrongfull acts and get in the trap of some bad man.

The tension that is created in the trailer with one set of group chasing while other group trying to escape is maintained in the same level till the end. Towards the end , the bond between Jai and Reba Monica is shown where they try to escape together in a jeep , place where she says Jai to stay with her convinces that there is a considerable proportion of romance amidst the crime thriller theme.

Nation award winner Praveen KL’s edit looks impressive in the trailer but we will have to wait to witness how the cuts create an edge of the seat moments during the movie. The scores and songs looks above average and not so noisy like in many other gangsater movies.

The conflict thriller drama’s trailer promises few other elements like comedy with Robo Shankar and Daniel Annie Pope’s comedy counters and mannerisms. The direct attacking dialogues that target the currently happening scenarios like Billionaires fraudulence , demonetization and many more.

On the whole , it looks like after Jai’s hilarious Kalakappu 2 he is all set to deliver us a serious thriller movie with all the necessary elements of a commercial entertainer with a fast movie pace.

Jarugandi Movie Trailer Review Reflection


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