Junga Movie Review Retrospect


Junga starring Vijay Sethupathy , Sayyeshaa , Madonna Sebastin (Cameo) , Saranya Ponvanan , Yogi Babu in the lead roles the film is directed by Gokul who previously directed Kashmora , Idharkuthaane Asaipattai Balakumara and few more. With Junga being the debut film for Vijay Sethupathy as producer , Sidharth Vipin has composed music for the film.
Given that this is the second time for VJS Gokul combo , they have tried to resurrect the magic created in Idharkuthaane Asaipatai Balakumara.

The entire first half ruled by Vijay Sethupathy who delivers a asusual fabulous job of playing a terrific don whose father and grandfather was once a dreadful don. But the actual truth of them being a don weighs the lighter part of the film. The tale of a stingy don who tries to follow the foot steps of his grandfather and father along with the efforts put by Vijay Sethupathy in recovering a ancestral property forms the major portion of the plot. Given that his father and grandfather used to be an expensive don , VJS tries to avoid spending more money and the weird / crazy stuffs he does to save money receives huge laud from the audience.

Vijay Sethupathy has always played the best with his casual body language and mannerisms similar magic has been repeated . Comical elements are added in various aspect , one among them is get up change by VJS and the energy level he maintains throughout the film with his screen presence and Yogi Babu’s timing one liner. His combinations with Yogi Babu is sure to make us laugh out loud. Yogi Babu who is currently turning out to be a trend setter in the humour sector. There is another combination in this film that takes us for a laughter ride whenever they appear. That is Don’s amma (Saranya Ponvanan) and Don’s paati. Saranya and Don paati’s terrific performance is the highlight trait of the film and forms the major portion of the comical elements and the paati’s transformation is worth a mention. The narration part where don amma and paati unveils the flashback will remain fresh in our minds for the hilarious writing. With Sayyeshaa appearing as a glam doll who loves don for his money , Madonna Sebastin(Cameo) a telugu girl whom VJS falls looks beautiful and justified their role.

This film actually succeeds in few scenes where they have pulled off the cliched elements that appears in a normal gangster movies. The outlook of those scenes resembles more of a spoof of popular villains in tamil cinema to some extent , where few gets reminded of tamil padam 2 , recent spoof sensation. Second half of the film travels in Paris with VJS scope weighing more. Junga is a usual plot that has a don taking revenge but the way the story has been handled and presented makes it not a regular gangster film. Music sounds average and talking about the cinematography Paris shots looks rich and is a visual treat along with which they have taken extra care when filming Sayyeshaa, as a top to down shot of her is shown every time she appears may be for her attire that looks gorgeous on her. Her lip sync is decent in this film when compared to her previous flicks.

Right from the intro scene , the film take off into a totally rofl zone. Apart from the lead , Saranya Ponvanan , paati and Yogi Babu deserves a special mention for their dynamic and comical acting. Here’s to all the Makkal Selvan fans who can be guaranteed a fun ride with all the necessary commercial element.

TalksOfCinema Verdict : Overall , Junga a promising commercial entertainer with loaded outright hillarious moments

TalksOfCinema Rating : 2.75/5

Junga Movie Review Retrospect


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