Kaathale Kaathale Song From 96 Movie Review Reflection


Among the various amazing things that has impressed us about the 96 teaser starring Vijay Sethupathy and Trisha , the breezy melody #KaathaleKaathale composed by Govind Menon and sung by Chinmayi made us fall in love with it every time one inch more. The most awaited single track from 96 is out now in Think Music India.

Even before the song ends , our heart yearns for more such is the beauty sculpted by the composer. The 3 minute long song will definetly make all the listeners admire it from the start till the end and as we listen to it in loop we are sure to fall head over heals in love with the soul stirring music. Chinmayi’s voice is the biggest highlight trait of the song to make it a perfect romantic melody.

With its love filled lyrics where it poetically emotes the women’s feeling towards a person. All that she wants is him to come along with her throughout and he describes him , love interest with words like “Thani Perunthunaye” “Konjum Pooraname” , Konjum Ezhilisaye” to describe the intensity of intimacy between the two.

The subtle composition is sure to rule not just our playlist but also our hearts after seeing the visualisation in the film featuring VJS and Trisha. Govind Menon is undoubtedly the best find for our industry. Though the song is 3 min long , the song with not with much lyrics begins to mesmerize you heart with just the beautiful melodious tune. The real magic comes into play from the minute the song continues with a heart rending phase and will leave us chord struck similar to the effect the teaser created.

Overall , Kaathale Kaathale from 96 is a super soft romantic number from Govind who has stepped into Kollywood with all the plans to get us addicted to his music. The expectation on how will be visualisatio be is something unimaginable high after the witnessing the mind blowing teaser.

Kaathale Kaathale Song From 96 Movie Review Reflection


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