Lakshmi Movie Trailer Review Reflection


After the remarkable success of Devi , the A.L Vijay – Prabhu Deva is back with their next big flick titled “Lakshmi”. It’s been a good quite sometime since the movie’s first look , teaser and songs are out officially and without any doubt the responses are too good at one level with decent welcoming from all over. The movie which is produced by Trident Arts and Pramod Films is all about dance . The aura , ambience and overall presentations looks fabulously colourful with kids all around.
The trailer kickstarts with a score by Sam CS where a leg shot of a girl dancing when while bathing comes followed by a dialogue by Prabhu Deva to a school girl that relates to dance and passion where the same girl appears dancing wherever she is with all joy in various cuts . The trailer also reveales few character details such as Aishwarys Rajesh plays the role of mother to a school kid who is immensely into dance and Prabhu Deva , the dance master in the school where the girl studies. The role played by Ditya Bhande looks like a dance teacher but may be an assistant to Prabhu Deva.

The portrayal of the school girl a definite mention. The passion towards dance in her speaks well in places where she dances randomly in various places like on the road , school bench and so on. We can also see few scenes where kids who are dressed in costumes and perform on stage. So this conveys that Prabhu Deva trains school kids and they perform in competitions representing schools.

As in like many other passion related movies that casts school kids , here also the mother of the kid looks uninterested in dance whereas the kid on the other hand loves dance. Another similarity that we can see in this movie is the kid gets humiliated for some reason and some time later she gets motivated by Prabhu Deva for which the kid confessing that “ I always wanted to dance for my dream , but this time I wanted to dance for your dream as well”.

The trailer also encapsulates some comical gimmicks and light weight portions that stares Kovai Sarala (principal of the school) and Karunakaran who looks like a restaurant employee. Now comes the Antagonist who also is a dancer. There are dialogues for the villain where he mentions that “It is not about these kids winning….” There can be chances of dance rival between Prabhu Deva and the Salman Yusuf Khan.

As the words that reads “Story of a dancing legend and his extraordinary student” and “Get Ready To Celebrate The Biggest Festival Of Dance” , this movie is expected to be an outstanding passion driven movie with colourful frames and energetic kids all round.

Overall , the look and feel of the movie looks really vibrant and filled with gracious dance movement by the kids and also there is a 30 seconds long dance portion by the legend Prabhu Deva.

This movie is undoubtedly a visual treat for Prabhu Deva fans and a must watch entertainer not just for dance loving kids but also will sure leave behind a mark for all the kids to follow their passion. Wishing the team for a grand success and being this season’s blockbuster hit.

Lakshmi Movie Trailer Review Reflection


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