Molagapodiye Saamy2 Song Review Reflection


As announced earlier regarding the single track from Saamy2 being unveiled today at 6pm , the titled Molagapodiye is out now on Sony Music India. The song is composed by Devi Sri Prasad who is known for his foot tapping numbers. Singers Sanjith Hegde and Rita have sung the song that looks to happen in a village backdrop with Vikram and Aishwarya featuring in traditional outfits. So from the lyric video one thing that can be inferred for sure is the authentic aura that is adapted not just in the visual but also DSP’s tune along with the vocal that has complimented the mood of the song looks impressive.

Given that Aishwarya Rajesh is the replacement of Trisha from Saamy part 1 that got released in 2003 , undoubtedly Aishwarya Rajesh plays the role of Vikram’s wife and that can be clearly visualised in the song’s lyrics too. The phrases like Molagapodiye triggers our imagination to some extent. Aishwarya Rajesh may play a strict yet caring wife who gets into some minute clash with our Chiyaan Vikram which leads us to this folk duet. Emotions like unconventional love that travels for years together , possessiveness , protective husband who is courageous and wife for whom her husband is everything has been expressed poetically with phrases like MolagaPodiye , Thulasi Chediye , SokkuPodiye , Aasaivediye. The singers have rightly rendered it by understanding the mood of the song that has added extra flavors to the Molagapodi. It also looks like this is the first full length folk number for Aishwarya Rajesh on screen that too pairing up with Vikram would have made it super special.

This happy folk number from DSP drives you addictive, also makes sure that you will come back to it and listen to it on loop. If you were once a fan of Kalyanam Dhan Katikitu Odipolama , then Molagapodiye will steal your hearts as it is the upgraded version of the 2003’s massive hit song.

Molagapodiye Saamy2 Song Review Reflection


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