Pilot Teaser Of Alaudhinin Arputha Camera


Moodar Koodam fame Naveen has already started his next flick titled “Alaudhinin Arputha Camera”. Apart from directing and acting in the lead , Naveen is also producing the film. Kayal Anandhi is essaying the female lead.
As per the earlier announcement today morning about Vijay Antony will release the pilot teaser of the film , it is now out. The teaser that starts with a drone shot (Extreme Long Shot) of an island , where the camera moves away from the island trying to establish the location that is an island surrounded by deep blue sea and we can also spot a ship that is closer to the island.

Followed by the title card that says “A Naveen.M Film” , camera starts to travel beneath the sea exploring the under water coral reefs. While we happen to see tiny fishes and other organisms a folded paper kind of object grabs our attention. The may be a map / any ancient paper floats while camera continues to track the paper. By the time the folded element lands on the ground , we are to see a vintage camera towards the right corner of the frame. A hidden message / theme is sure to have behind the symbol that resembles an ancient depiction that is visible in the center of the camera and also the same picture is used in the middle of the film’s title.

To get an even clear idea about the film , we have to wait till the official teaser gets unveiled. A unique strategy of pilot teaser has already made people puzzle about what’s more in store for us from the director. The overall look and feel of the pilot teaser ends up giving us a curiosity and our imagination going wild about the genre of the film with chances of being a fantasy unlike Moodar Koodam. Or given that his first venture despite critical reviews and awards dint turn up good at the box office , may be the maker has ventured into a commercial movie.

To get the answer for all our imagination and guessing , we need to stay tuned for further updates from the team. Yes , the pilot teaser looks impressive.

Pilot Teaser Of Alaudhinin Arputha Camera


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