Semma Botha Aagatha Movie Review Retrospect


The young , charming and dynamic actor Atharvaa has taken a new avatar as a producer in the movie Semma Bodha Agathey. This message centered movie stares Atharva , Mishti and Anaika in the lead. Karunakaran and John Vijay as comedians. This Yuvan Shankar Raja musical received a warm welcoming among the audience for its poster and trailers.

As the title suggests , the main focus on the movie is alcohol drinking habit and addiction. Atharva and Mishti’s engagement gets called off due to a reason and this pushes Atharva to become an alcohol addict. Anaika gets an entry here and unfortunately she gets killed. Unveiling the mystery behind her death is the remaining part of the story.

Good proportion of humour and commercial element in this movie undoubtedly makes this an entertainment material. The outstanding scores and music by Yuvan is feather on the hat. Some colourful frames and attractive shots do impressive us on the course of the movie. Action sequence , chasing scenes , romance and humour all together is rendered to be a decent commercial entertaining movie. Karunakaran , M.S Baskar and Devadarshini contribute significantly to all the lighter moments in the movie

Atharvaa has done a commendable acting with a classic look. With a not so unique yet not so regular storyline , the leads have done justification to their roles. Overall performance of the cast looks decent and adequate with few double meaning jokes here and there. The conversation between Anaika and Atharvaa is enjoyable by the audience . Performance wise Misti was found struggling with lip sync here and there otherwise female leads acting is watchable.

Youth targeted and message oriented script like these need to be engaging till the end and audience shouldn’t lose their mind. This movie lagged behind in various factors but it wasn’t notable lags. Few scenes was well handled by the editor and the cuts in the movie helped in a feel good essence of the movie.

TalksOfCinema Verdict : One time watchable movie that has everything a commercial movie needs but is that all enough for a movie ?

TalksOfCinema Rating : 2.5/5

Semma Botha Aagatha Movie Review Retrospect


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