Vada Chennai Teaser Review Reflection


Vada Chennai teaser that got released a few minutes back assures us that Vetri Maaran has pulled off a clean neo noir film with Dhanush in the lead who pulls off the raw crime based films with ease. Shades of Pudhupettai can be visualized in this teaser also may be because of few similarities like the location based in north madras , gang war and the genre taken up that demands to portray Dhanush in a look shadowing erstwhile Kumar character played by him.

With the obvious guessing of the film’s base plot revolving around a gang wars with one of the gang’s ensemble includes Daniel Balaji , Ameer , Samuthrakani , Pawan , Kishore and few more. Where in one shot Andrea is shown to play pair with Ameer and another shot clarifies Aishwarya Rajesh playing love interest of Dhanush.

A typical raw action packed gangster film based on north madras (as the name means) in Vetrimaaran’s style features all the cast in two different phases of life. The difference in period (time) hints that the revenge story lasts for years together. The difference in their attire from wearing a 80’s costume by the gang whereas Dhanush appears with a long hair no mustache look deserves a mention for it insists on the something essential about the film’s structure.

Vetri Maaran never fails to create and develop tailor made roles for Dhanush , and the actor too never disappoints us while he fits in any script to alot for him. He is such a phenomenal actor of Kollywood. Hoping to see Andrea and Aishwarya in delivering a strong performance that has equal scope when compared to other co stars. If the guesses are to be true , from the dialogues of Dhanush in the teaser , less number of people accompanying Dhanush during face to face clashes, his “what is actually happening around me?’ looks hither and thither (may be 3) Dhanush falls into the gang war , revenge plot by mistake and strives towards winning over the baddies. (Eventually , that is what forms the so called pre defined rule of any gang war , once you are into it , it is not that easy to sweep off without either getting hit or hitting them). There is also a shot where Radha Ravi appears in a politician look with his inbuilt style of reincarnating any character given , he is always a plus to any movie. From our wild guesses , Vada Chennai also has political influence.

While people are still lauding Yuvan’s music that compliments brilliants for Pudhupettai , here is our Santhosh Narayanan with his electrifying score throughout the teaser pulls us into the mood. An out and out Vetrimaaran film that can be seen even in the title card that appears at the end of the teaser where the title “Vada Chennai” is placed amidst a dirty table that contains a half opened cigarette pack , a jug and there comes a weapon falling that is coated with blood.

This film is sure to be celebration for all the Dhanush fans , Vetrimaaran fans , Dhanus & Vetrimaaran fans and for all those people who yearned If at all Pudhupettai got released during this era.

Vada Chennai Teaser Review Reflection


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