Boomerang Movie Trailer Review Reflection


Boomerang starring Atharvaa and Megha Akash in the lead also fearures Induja , Sathish and RJ Balaji. Directed by Kannan who previously gave us films like Kanden Kadhalai , Vandhaan Vendran , Settai , Ivan Thanthiran. Film is bankrolled by Masala Pix and music by Radhan of Arjun Reddy fame.

The director is all set to treat us with a gripping story in Boomerang , the trailer of which looks really promising with breezy romantic portions between Atharvaa and Megha amidst the action packed trailer. A intriguing youngsters politics handled in a neat way with hard hitting dialogues that can be related to the various social happenings around us. For example in a sequence happening in a train , where Satish questions a boy who is undressed on why is he sitting like this , the boy’s answers in a casual way that he is on the way to write NEET exam . I guess this one scene is all enough to decide what Boomerang is all about.

The trailer kickstars with Atharvaa after lashing out the goons who tried to attack with a string tamil phrase backing the scene that means We are Fearless Despite Distractions No One Can Shake Us Down is what the wordings mean. The entire outline of the movie is conveyed rightaway. Visuals , locations and framing are mind blowing. Dop Prasana has done a brilliant job with his lens. The trailer assures that this film’s dialogues will definitely have a great impact among the audience. Nicely penned at the same time actors too have done their job by emoting what is needed.

Youngsters politics , revolutionary steps they take up like protesting , dialogues that insist on social media rebels do not understand practical difficulties and shots where people are seen working in the farm lands all put together , neatly organized hints us about a social entertainer is on our way with gripping stunts by Silva. With the boarding , protest shown in this trailer it is evident that the leads are fighting for an issue associated with agriculture and farming.

The last shot in this trailer , where a man is seen in a hospital room with his dis formed face instills the curiosity even more. The idea of placing this at the end should be considered one of the smart pattern by the team because to the viewers whose thoughts wander around the plot on various what why questions , they are introduced to a surprise element towards the end. Due to which the impact of the trailer that is about to end is waken up once again.

Another element that has been handled in an unusual way is the portions where Megha is seen approaching Atharvaa and confessing her love which is not a common scenario in our cinema. There are various attention grabbing elements in this trailer like dialogue targetting current social issue , how voting once in 5 years in turning waste , Induja who looks addressing a protest crowd and saying This is our first victory , instances where Atharvaa gets back after falling and lashes out the goons and many more. Overall an impressive trailer from the team that has worked well in injecting the right emotions and raised the expectation bars on Boomerang.

Boomerang Movie Trailer Review Reflection


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