Chekka Chivandha Vaanam Trailer Review


The raging multi starrer by Mani Ratnam Chekka Chivandha Vaanam has taken the social media by storm since its release. It is trending #1 even after a couple of days and has hit 5 million views that is for the success and reach of spectacular product from Mani Ratnam. Keeping aside all the god fathert , ponniyin selvan comparisons , lets take a intensive look into the racy trailer that is star studded. The films cast ensemble includes Prakash Raj ,Arvind Swami , STR , Arun Vijay , Vijay Sethupathi , Jayasudha ,Jyotika , Aishwarya Rajesh , Aditi Rao Hydari and many others.

The initials few minutes of the trailer is backed up with a voice over by Vijay Sethupathy that describes about the various names and labels attached with current age criminals , where he lists the names like business magnet , Kalvi Thandhai , Manal Mafia , real estate king pin and ends with the name “Senapathy”. From this moment , the trailer is a whole new experience to witness various dynamics and bunch of characters come into play. Right after the moment the voice over ends , we are introduced to Prakash Raj and his wife Jayasudha who is seen travelling in a car (back seat) , later which repeated gun shots , police force , bomb blasts happens.

From here we are taken to the sight outside a court , where Aditi playing Parvati as a journalist is seen reporting about the don named “Senapathy”. And here comes Prakash Raj , a calm and composed old man holding a smile in his face , draping a cloth around his shoulders and wearing a neck band is seen getting down the steps of his house that looks rich and surrounded by glass walls. Even here , we are left in confusion regarding “who is Senapathy?” as per the words of Aditi. Again few gun shots where a cop is seen shooting a car driver.

Jumping to a conversation between Thiyagarajan and Prakash Raj , where a point of view shot is placed facing Thiyagarajan where he is seen talking to Senapathy regarding whom should he approach regarding Senapathy’s issues and stuff. This is an apt placement that has worked well as a lead for characters to come further. As per the heads up , here comes our rustic Aravind Swamy as Varadan , the eldest son of Senapathy. Jyothika (Chitra) plays the wife of Varadan but he is seen romancing with Aditi in one shot. He is seen smashing goons , chasing a cop with a gun kind of role after which he gives the lead for his brothers by saying , “they are educated and will not take up this rough path”.

The stylist Arun Vijay is introduced here with a breezy yet peppy score in the name of Thyagu who is also the son of Senapathy The backdrop of his introduction shots looks to be Dubai kind of place and he is seen with a dashing coolers and suit attire. While in the next shot , he enters a house by pushing the huge gate in a terrific look in his face. We are informed that Aishwarya Rajesh as Renu plays the love interest of Arun Vijay using the scene where Aishwarya talks about Arun Vijay’s two sided character , first side being a lovable and caring Thyagu while the other side is extremely opposite. At this point , he is seen taking his seat in a huge sofa with a cunning expression after which Jyothika from behind warns him saying ” Periyavar Chair Adhu” by wearing a expression that conveys what Arun Vijay is doing is wrong. Arun replies saying do not tell this to brother with a wicked smile.

Now comes Ethi , Simbu the youngest of all enters the screen with a fresh score that has suited his screen presence well. He is shown getting married to Dayana in a church and also a conversation between STR and Jayasudha , where she enquirers about who the girl is and why he dint bring her home. Despite his trendy and stylist looks, he is also seen with gun , chasing , and stuffs.

And finally comes , Rasool played by Vijay Sethupathy after STR delivers a dialogue mentioning “Dosthu” (friend). He is a police officer who looks to be breaking rules and stand in front of various other cops where they question him on his actions and he wears a smirk on his face. Rasool is a good old friend of Varadhan. The trailer turns edgy after this with so much intensity and spine chilling shots.

There are various tip offs and details to be noted in this trailer regarding the movie’s plot. This is a fight between three brothers for the place of Senapathy after his period is something clear to all of us. This is also spoon fed by Jyothika in one instance. Aishwarya Rajesh is seen with a board that has details like Dubai police and few numbers. This micro second clip makes us think about where he is held as a prison or anything else. The Dubai kind of backdrop during Thyagu’s introduction clearly relates to how he meets Aishwarya here. The thirst for throne , the car shots that features all the four of them , Simbu threatening VJS for becoming a gangster along with Varadan , cop who refuses to believe VJS as he confesses that he is disinterested in the throne and various other interesting sequences makes this a intriguing trailer. Right from the cast announcement , poster release and character names revealing CCV has increased our expectation to an unimaginably high level. Given all those expectation from the pre trailer release and for the names “Mani Ratnam” and ‘AR Rahman” , the trailer doesn’t disappoint us at any place. Rather we are under astonishment and awe throughout that we watch it for numerous times. The terrific impact and goosebumps moments in this film has triggered the fans to interpret , analyse and decode the trailer second by second in their own way. No other film maker has the potential to keep his viewers and fans busy talking about his film just by a trailer except for Mani Ratnam. Every characterisation and their portrayal looks promising and each of them seems to steal the show in their given moments is what the immediate thoughts we get after experiencing such a quality driven trailer. Mani never break the chain of us admiring his works and him inspiring us with each of his works. He holds his fans and others with his cinema brilliance and expertise in the field.

After Ayudha Ezhuthu , a similar film that deals with gangster , underworld dons , mafia is ready to be serves with the unique touches of Mani Ratnam. With a solid star cast , a brilliantly woven action packed raging trailer of CCV is a solid punch that was a much needed treat for audience.

Chekka Chivandha Vaanam Trailer Review


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