Exciting Updates About Lakshmi , Maa Shortfilm Director’s Next Film Release


Sarjun K M who came to limelight for his sensational shortfilm Lakshmi starring Lakshmi Priya that talks about extra marital relationship and MAA shortfilm that spoke about teen pregnancy.
Here is the details of his first feature film in tamil titled “Echarikkai Idhu Manidhargal Nadamaadum Idam” that has the star cast of Sathyaraj , Varalakshmi , Kishore , Vivek Rajagopal.

The first trailer of the film is already out in digital platforms. The outline looks really impressive that conveys the overall base plot of the story. A different template is used in this trailer where a small girl narrates a bad vs evil themed story with fox , rabbit and lion to her grandfather. By keeping the basic kinder garden story the trailer narrates the basic plot where Kishore and Vivek are the fox (bad) who kidnaps Varalakshmi the rabbit (victim) and Sathyaraj (rescuer) comes for the rescue. The drama , action that follows from here is the remaining story.

The impressive trailer speaks for itself for its technical brilliance and the actors also looks promising. Here is some fresh updates about the film. Clapboard Production has bought the rights of this film. The official release date of this film as also been announced. Sarjun’s first feature film will hit the screens on august 24.

Following the first trailer , Sivakarthikeyan will release the trailer 2 at 5pm today. Given that both his shortfilms handled a sensitive women related issue in a matured manner , this film also hints us something similar and hence we are to wait what other surprises he has up his sleeves for us.

Exciting Updates About Lakshmi , Maa Shortfilm Director’s Next Film Release


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