Kalaignar Karunanidhi Is No More


DMK chief leader and patriarch Kalaignar M Karunanidhi passed away today(7/8/2018) at 6:10 pm.  His health faced serious crisis for the past few weeks made entire Tamil Nadu pray for his recovery. State and National Leaders along with various celebrities from cinema fraternity visited Dr. Kalaignar during his treatment period at Kauvery Hospital , Chennai.

The loud screams and prayers of his followers , common people , his party members and other leaders following the report released by Kauvery Hospital at 4pm took the entire people by shock. The report that read , “There has been significant decline in the clinical condition of Kalaignar Dr M Karunanidhi over last few hours. Despite maximum medical support , his vital organ function continue to deteriorate. His condition is extremely critical and unstable”. The abundant number of ardent followers from various places and across the state gathered around the hospital with pain and hope.

But no one in our wildest dreams would have thought that the true warrior will leave us permanent. He will be terribly missed not just by his followers and family but all every single people of Tamil Nadu for whose empowerment he dedicated his entire life.

He will be remembered forever for all the matured ideologies , upliftment of minorities , under privileged , women and even transgenders , rational thinking that he has followed throughout his lifetime. The outburst of emotions among people speaks a lot about his legacy and his welfare activities. Apart from the political history , he will be celebrated for his expertise in tamil literature , screen writing in cinema and tamil stage drama.

He has done his part. He has inspired millions through his way of life and broad thinking. No matter what he will be alive through his ideologies , his welfare schemes that has empowered various lives unimaginably is the success of the warrior. May your soul rest in peace Thalaiva.

Kalaignar Karunanidhi Is No More



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