Kolamaavu Kokila Movie Review Retrospect


This day that happened to be an unexpected day off has worked in favour of lady superstar’s mass opening day. The early morning shows being houseful marks the special day for Nayanthara . The film that has already informed its genre through trailer and sneak peek has justified its track without any disappointment.

Given that Nayanthara turns a drug dealer due to family crisis and she ends up in between the goons who are in search of Nayanthara. How does she tackle these badman , will she return to normal life from a drug dealer , whether her family situation resolves from the critical situation marks the plot of the film.

Nayanthara who never fails to deliver utmost supreme acting in any role given , steals the show with her stellar performance as an innocent girl from a middle class family who end up amidst the professional dons. She has grabbed all types of audience towards her with 70+ films and hence all her films fall into the family entertainer category despite varied genre. Apart from Nayanthara , Yogi Babu slays the role given delivering adequate performance of what is needed without overdoing anywhere. No scene is framed exclusively for any artist , every frame , scene and dialogues are created only to suit the film and hence the impressive impact at the end.

Saranya Ponvannan and R S Shivaji has done an impressive job who hold the audience at places. The inch by inch transformation handled in Kokila character is so much casual and fits the bill aptly. The unusual humour carried forward by the characters like Tony , Smile Settai Anbu , Jacqueline has delivered a flawless act. They do not go invisible amidst the film and they do get good amount of screen time where are seen to out play cleverly.

Yogi Babu is promising as usual and Motta Rajendiran slays at parts with his punch dialogues and one liners that instills the laughter. The lightheartedness played around in the story of smuggling by rightly using the Vijay Tv faces like Arundhangi Nisha , Vadivel Balaji and the small boy Ananth who works in Yogi Babu shop. Every character has their moments and director scores once again here for giving equal screen space and scope for every character.

The screenplay penned by Nelson deserves an applause for no where the film lags behind nor does it hang around. The characterization has been perfectly planned and convincing choice of cast serves to be the engaging factor of the film.

The black comedy film has been handled in a quirky way with difference shown in angle , lighting and bgm in the place needed to deliver the right emotion to the audience. Where to laugh and where to feel has been treated in a different way that deserves a special mention. Cinematographer Sivakumar Vijayan has strived to make our visual experience interesting by experimenting with quirky frames and creative angles which has helped in conveying the mood and tone of the film. Cuts by Nirmal plays a key role in preventing the film from long drags and avoiding few scenes from falling flat. The engaging factor has worked well for which the dialogues , visuals , cast’s ability to emote and screen writing deserves the credit.

Except for Kalyana Vayasu that has been composed purely for audience to enjoy (USP) rest of the songs may seem to be meaning less while listening to it but when seen along with the visuals the songs are undoubtedly tailor made that has complimented the story line effectively.

TalksOfCinema Verdict : A different attempt in dark comedy that entertains audience of all class.

TalksOfCinema Rating : 3/5

Kolamaavu Kokila Movie Review Retrospect


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