Lakshmi Movie Review Retrospect


Who doesn’t love watching Prabhu Deva’s dance and given that he is featuring in a dance film Lakshmi , the expectation was multi fold following the trailer and songs. Among the various templates followed in film making when it comes to core plot , dance is one among them. And Lakshmi falls in that template. The film helmed by AL Vijay stars Prabhu Deva as a coffee shop owner named Krishna who was once a famous dancer, a single mom Aishwarya Rajesh as Nandhini and her daughter Ditya as Lakshmi who is head over heals in love with dance. Expected cracks between mom and daughter happens between Aishwarya who dislikes dance and Lakshmi who is on the either side.

On fine day Krishna spots the tremendous dancer in Lakshmi and guides her in every way possible to achieve great heights. There comes a chance for the kids to participate in national dance competition for a television channel and from here the usual turn of events where mom opposes Lakshmi’s decision but Krishna supports her , why is Krishna so concerned about Lakshmi , the varied odds the kids face and finally how they triumph falls the plot of the film.

Ditya who has played Lakshmi steals every scene with her terrific dance performance alongside the dancing legend Prabhu Deva who sets the space on fire with his dance. Tha casting of kids is the highlight trait of this film where every single kid slays their moments and impresses us.

Director holds us throughout with his clever placement of drama element , ordering it in such a way that the film is engaging by balancing the drama and dance. Added to this , Vijay needs a special applause for the casting like Kovai Sarala , Karunakaran for comedy , Prabhu Deva and Ditya for dance along with the talented kids , Aishwarya who emotes what’s needed. The antagonist Salman Yusuf Khan is also a dlight to watch when to dances but misses out at places when it comes to expressing his emotions. There are few visible flaws in the film that hinders the film’s positive impression like flashbacks that falls flat , predictable story line , absence of unique elements that has made Lakshmi a usual dance film with expected turn of events. But the magnificient dance performance from Prabhu Deva gives goosebumps and also the outstanding dance by Ditya and other kids where they pull it off with ease all the graceful and difficult steps has saved the film.

The film is an out and out dance gala with phenomenal cinematography by Nirav Shah who hasn’t compromised on any frames and lightnings. His work in this film is an icing on the cake. Sam CS music makes the film watching experience an enjoyable one with songs and scores that fits the bill in every place of the film.

With right blend of every needed emotions like love , rivalry , mother daughter bond , Krishna and Lakshmi bond , humour , inspiration , passion and others alongside well choreographed dance performances of varied that features one after the other , Lakshmi is a decent entertainer for dance lovers.

TalksOfCinema Verdict : A tailor made and must watch film for dance lovers

TalksOfCinema Rating : 2.5/5

Lakshmi Movie Review Retrospect


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