Naragasooran Trailer Review Reflection


Who could even forget the raging Dhuruvangal 16 by the young and dynamic new comer Karthik Naren who has cemented a place for himself in the hearts of the audience. His next venture with Aravind Swamy , Shriya Saran , Indrajith and Aathmika in the lead is Naragasooran which is slated for an August 31 release.

Here is the official trailer of Naragasooran that got released today. The outlook though gives us some similarities to his previous directorial flick D16 may be because of the visuals , lightings or the pattern followed in the trailer. Yes , a unique and ideal pattern has been mastered by Karthik so that the film’s trailer looks intriguing at the same time playing safe for not revealing much about the plot.

The trailer just gives us the taste of awestruck performances from the cast , an untangled mystery revolving around the term ” Naragasooran”. The drop dead cinematography by Sujith Sarang and locations that enhances the quality of the trailer and delivers the full essence of a suspense thriller. Placement of cuts handled by editor Sreejith Sarang deserves a special mention but for whom the trailer would have not been this engaging and brilliant.

Few hints that can be drawn from the trailer is that (these are just assumptions which may also be wrong) , Sundeep and Aravind Swamy end up falling in trap of a something related to the term Naragasooran. There also comes a mention for a “place” by a police official and Aathmika which means Naragasooran can be the name of a place that holds the mystery. Shriya Saran is the love interest of Aravind Swamy who is later told to leave him for he couldn’t think of anything else if she is around. The way the characters emote fear , anxiety , sadness is too good which will work out well for a suspense thriller film.

The next highlight trait of the trailer is promising BGM by Ron Ethan which has complimented the intense thrilling mood in a effective way. Ron is one of the best find of kollywood as following his brilliant work in Maya , Naragasooran will be praised a lot for its tension stirring BGM.

The overall edge of the seat thriller will be a complete package from the director who is known for his fine work in all the aspect. All the very best to the team for the film is gearing up to hit the screens on 31st august where audience are sure to witness a spine chilling moments and a different experience.

Naragasooran Trailer Review Reflection


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