Odu Raja Odu Movie Review Retrospect


The hilarious plot directed by Nishant Ravindran and Jathin Sankar that has a good number of cast predominantly from the stage dramas and theatre plays. Guru Somasundaram as Manohar ( small time novel writer ) is the husband of Lakshmi Priya as Meera. They end up in a mishap when Meera demands a set of box from Manohar and when Manohar goes on a hunt for the set of box in regard to their anniversary eve he ends up in lots of confusion that involves drug peddlers and gang including Nasser playing Kaalimuthu and Deepak playing Veerabhadran.

The film has a lot of cast who plays parallel stories and travel throughout. Unfortunatly Manohar and Peter end up in the hands of Veerabhadran who threaten them to deal a drug. After which unexpected turn of events start to happen. Further more complications takes off , when Manohar and Peter approaches Nasser for help. They end up between gangs , get caught with a dead body and link up all the characters. As mentioned earlier, too many parallel stories happen in this film that is executed in a dark comedy genre with cautious play in engaging the viewers.

The cat and mouse race looks interesting and engages audience with some decent laugh out loud moments in the first half. The effort put forth by the makers by nick naming the characters in a comical way in order to avoid confusions in names was impressive. Artists like Guru , Lakshmi , Nasser was a great selling point but again the utilization of cast could have been improved for better product. The comical one liners and timing humour amuse us frequently. Given that the transition of tone from first half (character establishment , setting up of premise in a hilarious way) to second half (emotional drama) was handled properly , this film could have scored better.A decent experimentation from the debut makers by taking up a challenging area.

The idea of multiple plots cemented in a dark comedy genre is exciting to hear but when it comes to execution Odu Raja Odu is yet to complete the circle. The biggest flaw of the film is the portrayal of its women characters that delivered no sense and neediness for the plot. Someone is lusting upon some women and some other person is having affair with another girl , this character circle brings down the film leading to be a black mark. No particular character gets a highlighted scope to perform as the story oscillates from each character at given time and hence audience do not get the grip over any character. But overall inspection gives us a belief that every character together has saved the film unknowingly. Manohar and Meera’s performance towards the end as they exchange love is a relief when performance factor is considered.

Neglecting the female characterization and slow pace of the film , quirkiness of the film is a plus and as an editor Nishanth has elevated the film by seamless threading the scenes that doesn’t affect the flow. Odu Raja Odu , is a multi plot dark comedy genre that frequently entertains and extremely engages in the first half while falls flat in the later half. The okayish VFX is compensated by the efforts in glorifying the cinema values like cinematography and cuts.

TalksOfCinema Verdict : An adequate wholesome entertainer with watchable drama elements

TalksOfCinema Rating : 2/5

Odu Raja Odu Movie Review Retrospect


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