Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Review Retrospect


Being the first film for Yuvan as a producer cum music director , the film features Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson in the lead role. Director Elan who has tried its hands on a romantic comedy in his debut film looks to have a promising years ahead after Pyaar Prema Kaadhal.

Harish plays the role of an IT employee who has a huge crush on Raiza who works in the adjacent building. After sometime , she too joins his office that turns out to be a coincidence. The love at first sight , first outing , first bike ride that leads to romantic happenings where end up in a physical relationship. A twist awaits Harish who plays the role of Sree where he gets to know about Raiza’s intentions about serious relationship. The difference in lifestyles , thoughts , belief in marraige end up Harish struggle between Mom/ girl friend crises. Why Raiza isn’t interested in marraige ? What are the practical difficulties they face and Where does the two end up finally? shape up the remaining story.

Harish’s performance is phenomenal. The transition from innocent IT boy who has a crush on Raiza to a charming romantic boy who falls in love with Raiza in the first half and from a lover boy who unconditionaly loves Raiza turns into a serious boy who is stick between love or family was brilliant. He emotes every emotion with ease . Say it the instances where he tries to impress Raiza , the comical elements are pulled of with his mannerisms. The intimate and love portions with Raiza makes people to admire them for the realistic chemistry they share. It is actually quite difficult to believe for the fact that PPK is a debut film for Raiza , she has slayed the bold character she has taken up. She competes equally with Harish in emoting love and emotion.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is one of the greatest plus in this film. He drives the audience into the right mood with the new age music. It connects the film beautifully both with the audience and also connecting the sequence seamlessly. To compensate the fantastic music by Yuvan , director has worked a lot in making the visuals colorful and fresh. A specia mention for the cinematographer Raja Bhattacharjee whose drop dead frames in the songs , montage shots of Raiza and few other to mention is a definite visual treat.

Editor Manikumaran with his smart cuts delivers the film without a lag. The sequential placing of shots plays a major role in keeping the audience engaged that has helped in giving life to director’s wonderful writing. The different treatment handled in this film where strong messages like livin relationship , girls do have dreams to pursue , marriage as a institution has been knitted inside a story that talks about current generation love.

Every other actor like Munishkanth , Raja Rani Pandian , Rekha , Anand Babu , Deepz has performed their given roles in the best way possible. The characterization and their adequate scope has also contributed to the feel good moments hither and thither. Munishkanth’s one liners , Deepz company , Pandian and Rekha’s emotional scenes and Anand Babu’s role as a casual new gen father who has played the role of a dance trainer has its own space leading to a unique scope for each of them. Every character is remembered at the end without a bias to mention a area friend of Harish who hardly comes and gets called by the name “ivane”.

The choice of cast whose chemistry is top notch. This film will turn out to be a worth debut production for Yuvan , where he has done a great job in his field too. The way director has handled practicalities , mature and bold essence that is a huge plus.

A youthful script that has been created knowing the pulse of the current generation with striking music that fits in rightly in the appropriate mood of the film and travels throughout.If you watch the film just for Yuvan , you are sure to leave the theatre as Harish , Raiza and Elan’s fan too.

TalksOfCinema Verdict : Perfect Romantic Entertainer

TalksOfCinema Rating : 3/5

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Review Retrospect


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