Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Sneak Peek Is Here


Pyaar Prema Kaadhal the most anticipated romcom that was planned to be released today 9/9/18 has been postponed to 10/9/18 with due respect to the demise of Dr.Kalaignar Karunanidhi. This was announced offically by the team in social media.

Here is a smart move by the team. They have released a sneak peek video for the disappointed fans who were eagerly expecting the film to hit the screens today. In the video that got released in Movie Buff , had Harish Kalyan hailing from a middle class family who is leaving to work from his home in a neatly tucked in attire. While he stands near his bike , his father passes a comment on the ugly bike and how he doesn’t care about it. With a smirk on his face (that delivers the emotion of idc) , Harish picks up the call he receives when Raiza from the other end addresses him with the name “Sri”. She asks him if he could pick her up. The magical moment kicks in instantly when the blush cum excitement face of Harish is complimented by the peppy number by Yuvan.

From there till the end song continues , meanwhile Harish cleans up his bike by splashing water and here the father watches him with proud smile , buys a perfume from a store , sprays it on him and also stops a passer by to spray it on his shirt and saying so Harish turnd his back. These comical portions are sure to instill smiles. He picks Raiza who seems to hail from a posh area. Harish’s actions before picking her up like washing his bike , perfume , adjusting his hair is all justified here.

Director has screened the sequence in such a way that every boy can relate to this incident of bike ride with crush in real life. The realistic approach looks to be a good sign in this film. Director Elan shared this sneak peek with the following caption in his twitter , “First bike ride with your crush !!i know that feeling bro 😉 #PyaarPremaKaadhal sneak peek !! Releasing tomorrow!! @thisisysr @Rajarajan7215 @irfanmalik83 @raizawilson @iamharishkalyan”

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal a debut production venture for Yuvan Shankar Raja who has composed 12 tracks in this film. Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson looks fresh on screen for their couple duo has become a favorite among people.

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Sneak Peek Is Here


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