Sneak Peek Of Sarjun KM’s Echarikkai Is Here


The sneak peek gives us a clearer ides about the film when people had a little hint from the posters till now. A racy action packed thriller is one our way to grip us towards every sequences this weekend.

The video kick offs with the reflection shot of Kishore and Vivek Rajagopal has they are seated inside a car awaiting someone. The usage of revealing both their faces through car’s mirror was something different to watch at first. It actually grabs our attention and pulls us in to have what’s more in store. They are inside a car located in an empty parking lot where no traces of any other people are seen in the frame. Meanwhile , Varalaxmi is seen getting down the steps and Vivek with a covered face gets hold of Varalaxmi from behind and drags her into the car after which he closes her mouth with a tape kind of element.

Kishore driving the car , they cross over a highway and the road leads to an abandoned area (hot and full of sand) where a board that reads “Echarikkai , not for public use” (in tamil). They get to a dust filled church that looks unused for days together. A striking BGM by KS Sundaramoorty that compliments well the kidnap sequences starts from here and they are seen to take Varalaxmi inside the church.

The sequences ends with a drone shot where the camera moves away from the church in the top angle , focusing on the tomb of the building. From here the jump takes place to a big house where Sathyaraj and Jayakumar are seated in the dinning table , they are to play police officials. Sathyaraj gets the CCTV footage of the dance class parking lot when Kishore and Vivek kidnap Varalaxmi. Sathyaraj shows the footage to Jayakumar and gears up for an investigation starting with the vehicle number. With the number , he gets the information from the owner about the missing case filed in regard to the car and police are in search of the car. Sathyaraj asks the police department to send the eye witness involved in stealing of the car along with the sketching artist. And this scene hints us that Sathyaraj handles the kidnap case of Varalaxmi who has been kidnapped by Kishore and Vivek.

The smart usage of frames and locations , the camera movement and angle used in the scene where Sathyaraj plans the investigation through phone calls , the depiction of information gained through each phone call in the form of text over the screen for audience purpose , everything put together assures us an engaging crime thriller from Sarjun who has shot to fame after a sensational short films. And this film will satisfy us to the fullest when it comes to technical aspects.

Gear up to watch this film on big screen on August 24.

Sneak Peek Of Sarjun KM’s Echarikkai Is Here


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