Vijay Sethupathi’s #MTM Promo Release Details


Our Junga hero has held up engaged towards his production venture Merku Thodarchi Malai directed by Lenin Bharathi since its announcement. Given that the film has already won huge awards , the film is set for theatre release on August 24 for audience to validate the film. The story will depict the 14 years time span of landless labours.

The film’s first promo got released yesterday where a song sung by Isai Gnani , the music director of this film plays in the background and visuals of working class lifestyle and culture is depicted. The authentic visuals of proper village containing people who are labours working in the land owned by someone else has already done its hype among netizens.

After the interesting trailer that got released without any dialogues and the first promo with Ilayaraja’s song, the second promo from the film is to get released today at 2 pm. It is our sole duty to make these films score well at box office in order to pave way for progressive cinemas amidst some ordinary commercial flicks.

Vijay Sethupathi’s #MTM Promo Release Details


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