From Jester to (Seema)RAJA! The Incredible ascent of #Sivakarthikeyan!


SivaKarthikeyan, the man who is from the audience and is so fondly called Enga Vettu Pillai, is earning a name for himself and his team during his journey in cinema. His films bring a positive energy, a good vibration and never fails to make you feel good and light. Siva’s ever-growing popularity is substantiated by the 4:30 AM slots for his films, a privilege reserved for the top rung of stars in Tamil cinema.

For an actor who is just 12 films old, the market value and the boundless audience support he has garnered is testimony to the fact that he has never failed to entertain us. He stands as an example of success for Lower and Middle-class families, especially for students hailing from smaller towns and villages. The characters portrayed by the actor have always been a relatable and the target audience is always the youngsters because they influence their parents to accompany them to theatres.

Sivakarthikeyan’s ascent has not been a madcap sprint to the top leaving him breathless. He has paced himself in the journey using the tactical nous gathered from his years in television. To say that he knows the pulse of his audience is an understatement, he knows every twitch of that pulse. That ability to read what the audience wants from him is what sets him apart from his peers. The key principle he seems to have followed is to keep surprising his audiences while not getting alienated from them. In his journey into becoming a successful commercial hero, never once did he abandon his undercurrent of humor, the singular aspect that endeared him to most of his audiences. Some actors make the mistake of trying to fly before they can walk – some quite literally when they try a heavy action subject before the audience is ready to accept them in that avatar. Some others stick too closely to their comfort zone until the audiences get bored. Siva has trod the middle line carefully and pushed his limits, testing the waters and finding the right mix each time. Of course, cinema is a game of fortunes and success is never guaranteed, but Siva knows how to stack the odds in his favour, and luck has been kind to him. Each movie he has made has been a move, if you watch closely enough. From the wayward youngster in Marina, the wannabe village biggie in VVS, the aspiring middle-class guy in Ethirneechal, the ambitious cop in Kakki Sattai- he has gone through the gears slowly. Tested himself as a performer in Remo and graduated into the ‘angry young man’ template in Velaikaran – you can see the graph of his characters. He did not want to become a superhero overnight, he knew Rome was not built in a day! And we are going to see the next gear in his career come September 13.

And he has more surprises in store. To alter his filmography by doing experimental films, the actor has signed a film with Mr. Ravi Kumar, who is known for his sci-fi Indru Nettru Naalai, for which AR Rahman is scoring the music.

As he breaks his own records and set his standards high, the path gets tougher and tougher for him ahead. His earlier films had encountered problems during filming and release and yet he was strong, largely because of his family, which has been a strong source of support, and of course his fans and loyal followers. The man feels strong and secured with his own women around him and that’s a part of the secret for his success.

There is a common talk of the actor adapting the style of Shri. Rajinikanth. Yes, we get influenced by our role models and inspirational figures and the actor is a die-hard follower of the Super star, it does create an impact in him, but the actor knows to balance the ratio and deliver the art in his own style. The recent stats find him as a reliable investable star of Tamil cinema, a tag that is not easily bestowed upon a growing actor, and this is because of his next-door boy behaviour which they like the most about the actor.

The actor in later days will be known for the respect and value he has for his friends and their family. KANAA, an upcoming film which is made by the actor’s friend Arunraja Kamaraj and which is produced by the actor stands as a solid example. The perilous world (cinema) accepted him with Marina and his understanding of the world of entertainment and business has helped him gain a place of prominence in the industry. With that knowledge, the actor is sailing along with enough strong winds to take him a long way.

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From Jester to (Seema)RAJA! The Incredible ascent of Sivakarthikeyan!


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