Rahman springs a surprise in Sarkar’s Simtaangaran!


Thalapathy and AR Murugadoss combine for the third time, after blockbusters Thuppaki and Kathi! AR Rahman joins them to make this a unique, perhaps most happening, combo. When Rahman joined Vijay in Mersal the result of a kick-ass album. It looked like Rahman has just expressed himself, had fun and belted out some peppy numbers to complement the excellent dancer that Vijay is. That is exactly what we expected when the Sarkar single was released.

Talk about experimenting boldly when the stakes are very very high. Rahman has shown us that he is not shy of trying some absolutely unpredictable stuff even in total commercial outings. We know he likes to pull off some radically different songs, like he did with Aaromale in VTV or Adiye in Kadal. But those were movies that afforded room for experimentation. Sarkar doesn’t seem to be that kind of an opportunity. It is a Thalapathy film where fans have very clear expectations, and yet here is Rahman giving a composition that will have surprised even the most hardcore of Rahmaniacs!

‘Simtaangaran’ makes you sit up in a jolt the moment it opens. What’s going on? You might check if you are playing the right video on Youtube, or if some fake channel has played some prank using the Sarkar thumbnail. You will realize that it is the right video playing! Oh, maybe perhaps it’s the Telugu version? No, Telugu sounds different! Is this a Hindi version? Well, I don’t know enough Hindi to understand, anyway Sarkar is a Hindi word isn’t it, so maybe there’s a Hindi song! These are some of the thoughts that may go through your mind in the first minute. Seriously, this is as North Madras as it can get when it comes to slang. Some of the more conventional Tamil speakers might not comprehend what’s going on even at the end of the song. If ‘Aaluma Doluma’ and ‘Danga Maari’ and ‘Mersal aayitten’ were North Madras slang songs, then they will have to vacate that position for ‘Simtaangaran’. This is even more hard core than the ‘Mersal Arasan’ number from Mersal.

If you want to know the meaning of the lyrics, you might want to take a bus to Royapuram and ask one of our friends from there to help you out, this is beyond anyone who has not spent their life growing up in North Madras, speaking that lingo!

It is indeed a strange song. It has the feel of a carefree dance number, and yet it never really picks up pace or settles into any definite rhythm. It is not the kind of song that allow you to tap your feet, at least the first time you listen to it. But, this is where Rahman’s huge success over the years comes to his rescue, his composition is always given the benefit of the doubt! We are ready to listen to a Rahman song a few times before we hand out our judgment. If you do that for ‘Simtaangaran’, you might begin to like it, just a bit! As with all Rahman songs, this one has multiple layers and requires a good sound system or earphones to give you the complete experience. Especially the chorus in the background is what sets the rhythm for the song, which is for most parts missing in the main lyric track. This is one of the rare Rahman tracks of recent years that seems to have eschewed the techno beats feel altogether. ‘Simtaangaran’ has a total grounded local feel to it.

It will be very interesting to see how Murugadoss has picturised the song. This is the kind of number we have not seen in his films too. And, if this indeed a dance number, as the lyric video makes us think, then the choreography will be quite interesting to watch – slow and rhythmic steps throughout – with no acceleration, because the song itself has no quickish portion. Let’s wait for Diwali and Sarkar to watch ‘Simtaangaran’ on the big screen!

Rahman springs a surprise in Sarkar’s Simtaangaran!


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