Oru Adaar Love Movie Review Retrospect


Every regional film of Indian Cinema has a life. Among those, Malayalam films have a special place. Whatever tight frame it might be, there comes a beautiful masterpiece from the God own country. After Premam, the film-makers from such a place have presented this much hyped film.

The story revolves around 11th and 12th class people of a school called Don Bosco. Their full time job remains falling in love, feeling over a break up and everything concerned with love. We wonder where such a fictional school is. For sure, such scenes bring a lot of envy to the Tamilnadu Engineering graduates.

We understand what the film is trying to convey. It’s a great one line about love and the conflicts around it in school life. But what we say is, it could have been put a little better on screen. The base line remains finding the difference between love and friendship and succeeding to find true love.

For Korean web series lovers, the film would be likeable. For us who have watched all the seasons of Vijay TV’s Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal, this could get a little boring.

The main perks of the film remain Roshan, Priya Prakash Warrior, Noorin and their expressions and performance. Along with them, a lot of young and fresh faces. The film, for sure, looks colorful.

Shaan Rahman’s music stays in our heart. When “Vaare vare vare” plays, the heart skips a beat.

The tragic climax looks a little pushed. The makers have tried to make the audience feel and cry. But some might end up crying but a few might called it a joke.

Scenes where calcium carbonate is referred as coke, the chapter of reproductive system gets skipped during a biological class add to the authenticity of the school background. But they could have done in the first half for the audience to feel it’s a movie about school.

The second half has a love triangle which we have seen quite often, but there’s a difference here – nothing but it happens in school. The conversations between them is like every other commercial film and doesn’t sound like conversations between school people.

The film-makers have tried to use a little trick to make this film look like one of the best rom-coms. But we doubt if that has worked.

This film would have worked for high school people. But since it’s the exam time, that remains doubtful.

TalksOfCinema Rating : 2/5

Oru Adaar Love Movie Review Retrospect


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